STAINED CONCRETE Flooring System is a attractive floor finish in residential, industrial and commercial applications. This is due to the wide variety of possible finishes that can be achieved with pigmented stains. They can be applied to unpolished slabs and micro finish polymer for a natural look, or combined with polishing for a high gloss stone like finish. This flooring is extremely durable.


  • Safe, non-hazardous and user friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Attractive finish
  • Low maintenance
  • Offers a hard-wearing surface able to withstand heavy and continuous traffic
  • Resists oil stains, beads water, and wipes clean
  • Different colors and patterns can be combined

Areas of Use

  • Grocery stores
  • Airports
  • Showrooms
  • Retail
  • Marijuana dispensary, grow & retail
  • Hospitality
  • Hospitals
  • Educational
  • Automobile showrooms
  • Garage floor